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 4. Qingzhou city.

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PostSubject: 4. Qingzhou city.   4. Qingzhou city. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 10:53 am

Qingzhou gulf-shaped city fell volts,Air Jordan Shoes calculate, los is a day, and risk zone near the city has a long river classification, this a long river, and thus straight-through luohe interest rate is linked together, make luoyang city is also a flourishing meteorological classification. Be worth what say is, qingzhou preeminent preferences stranded here is the land, because there are many wizards in town, classification of these Washington medical two many is poison, these two companies rely on qingzhou within the city three consisted of singular herbal constantly refining strong and the launching of a body of poison by wu3 lin2's hero and the concern, many people disregard for a medicine, far and far journey. This subject is number one indeed headed Tuesday flat interfaces.
Flat interfaces,Jordan Shoes sainted person is by god wall cases listed in the top bits, medical surgeon is self-evident naturally, hearsay is also a waves surging, all with flat interfaces headed back to second pair can. Flat interfaces herbalism get, this is not only the technique is refined Dan medicine to take some rare earth, refined Dan medicine flat interfaces not force a big is the life is long, and now people for the sake of a Dan wu3 lin2 drug spend only have no regrets. And the house natural headed poisoned poisonous king is corrupted, although poison; king in poison; out-of-the-way often, but still be qingzhou dale in each big poison home as leader, xue out-of-the-way, although agree is not withhold as representatives but not attend any activities in classification, this city will push himself to a "honorary master"'s sake.
Poison home because uzziel out-of-the-way city,Cheap Jordan Shoes so later in qingzhou launched by any person when the younger generation, who poisoned house leaders ranking second only to poison is poison home from king LinYanQing "; ". Poison home not like its extremely, medical skills though also compared the necessary but to poor very far, poison home in practice medicine is strongest, if flat interfaces medicine can be refined and health, so poison home side refining medicine is not only homicide and still tortured advanced experienced poisonous or practiced poison to kill some ace unnoticed, even or slice killed. This is the insider, and city qingzhou medical poison two and a once every three years compare-test activities, these are some of the great city of qingzhou spot.
And CengHeChu lu Ming three to noon have arrived at qingzhou city,Nike air jordans it is time the bustling city of qingzhou of time, the comings and goings, team stood in line for an trooped to extend the zhangs far, three decades queuing for a long time is still only ok several zhangs far, looking at the nearby officers and men in that check, and the very strict and continental had all the big frown is not.ChuMing row of boring, feel annoyed, way: "so many people? It is some of what are called soldiers son gaffes, so make slow!"Lu had also is very impatient, echo as to: "this city very much, classification and wizards BaoBuDing out what god steal the important content assorted thieves steal."LuJian stormy grasp this day, even with his hands crossed the chest is not led the horse, let the horse converged REINS. Obviously he is also of impatient.
ChuMing sighed, way: "how so unlucky ah,jordan sneakers ever to so many times didn't row so long team."Lu had his eyes closed, shake head way: "look so slow down, still have to etc check an hour?""Well, you said this is stolen holy white exhibition wind when not steal, these days are chosen in medical poison! This immediately, will be held in contests in even a don't hurry, I'm afraid of no whitewashed room inn to cough up!" Standing in a land once back in middle-aged man interrupted.And once a listen to steal and continental holy white exhibition wind, and under the name again, brows wrinkle to this all what what ah, a large group of people on this time here in XiaNao.ChuMing to interest, ask a way: "the thief holy this title is so handsome ah, that call white exhibition wind he stole anything ah, make here." so strict check
The man looked ChuMing, despise way:retro jordans "children less ask some adult things."ChuMing listened to, almost grieve, rage, but to ride the first step way: "the Pal, you suggests exhibition in qingzhou haunted by the city?"The man saw the stormy step, quite a generation of feeling, bye the gurus QiYu uncommon, occasionally reveals the overlord qualities, and hand the swords of pure work is a special skill, unconsciously daughter took place admire meaning, replied: "yes, white exhibition wind conceit light achievement waza world-beater, into the watches of the night in HouFu qingzhou stole 'king', I quit six GuMo he's collected from six to king to search for 'the earth treasure'."Ride the point nod, way: "thank you is told."The man was very polite a compliment.ChuMing in watching very is angry.
On land once nagging way: "well,Air Jordan Shoes I asked what he did not say, ask he said by uncle, still so polite binbin, this is not a peacock!"Lu watched ChuMing that appearance, good say with smile: "you how can a small ran in by master word? The world compared, as long as you have enough: there be enough fame, attitudinal compared to anyone else will be the polite to you."Under ChuMing is wrinkly to knit the brows, then looked at himself, head back to look, then looked up way: "I just have no ambition! See I don't really have a hero appearance!"The ride and lu had not PuChi "1" started laughing.ChuMing see two people laughing, in the heart very is unpleasant, way: "smile what laugh, see your a pair of lax appearance which still have a sense of what dominance?"
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4. Qingzhou city. Empty
PostSubject: Re: 4. Qingzhou city.   4. Qingzhou city. Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 8:33 am

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4. Qingzhou city.
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